Theme, Focus, Simplify

I have always wanted to be a photographer. My family has had it share of good photographers, and many of you, my friends, are excellent. I think of Betts, or Joon Chan, or the master of all, Ham Chulhoon. So, having attained the age where one must follow through on his decisions, I recently enrolled as a student at the New York Institute of Photography (NYIP). 

The first thing I learned is to develop a sense of what to look for in the world around me. The guidelines that make this possible are: First, find a clear subject, one that is clear and unambiguous; second, focus attention on the subject, so that this will be the first thing people see when they look at the picture ; and third, simplify the photo by excluding those elements that detract from the subject. So you see, I am still very much a beginner, although I have taken photos all my life, beginning with the Kodak black box camera I was so proud to own when I was a child. But it’s good to start at the beginning.

I am a photographer, that’s how I see myself, however elementary I may be. I am also a meditator. So when I discovered these basic guidelines of photography I was not too surprised to realize that these same guidelines are necessary for one who desires to become a meditator. I speak of biblical meditation, with God as the ultimate subject of meditation and the Bible as the primary tool for revealing God.

When I meditate on a verse of Scripture (and this is my preferred way of meditating–one verse a day), for example, Psalm one, verse one, “The Lord is my Shepherd; I shall not want,” I use these three guidelines. First, I carefully observe every word and seek to discover the main theme about which God may want to speak to me, or about which God and I can have a conversation (The beginning of discipleship is a conversational relationship with God.). I know at that time that God wants to talk with me about His being my Shepherd. Second, I focus my full attention on the words of the text. I do not allow my mind to wander beyond those words, because I desire my mind and heart to be filled with God as my Shepherd. Finally, I simplify everything by dismissing from my mind my preconceived opinions about what that may imply for my life. This does not mean I remove all knowledge about what this text means, that I have attained through prior deep study of the text; but this time, I want to know not what God is saying to the whole world, but rather what God might have to say to me as an individual. I dismiss the interruptions, distractions and noises surrounding me and simplify my approach. Then I experience an exciting time of solitude and silence, which always leads to action.

Well . . . I’m not yet there as a photographer. But someday perhaps I will find a shepherd and photograph him or her, and show the world the profound meaning and beauty of what it means to be a shepherd.

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3 Responses to Theme, Focus, Simplify

  1. barbara says:

    I’m like that.when I write, I want to capture the moment, the mood, and passion in the subject..meditation has become a treasure chest,i got to go thru every details. I have to see myself in the word, right now i’m meditating on Leah’s Love for Jacob.I called it the second fiddle wife.she was not Jacob first Love.but sshe held on. now shall my husband love my husband will become attached to is the hidden nuggets,that speaks to you.ot me it’s about holding steady to what God has promise to you from his word. hold steady.hold steady. today in bible study.the teacher is teaching about faith,very interesting.thru the session ,The Holy Spirit spoke to me and he said the peak tops of Faith.,he said see your self on top of the situation.on top of the problem.u have master faith in that area.i wanted to shout and dance.because I saw thru my faith eye,men obtaining my dream. He said that is what Hall of Fame People of Faith saw in Hebrews 11.wheeeeeeeeeeeew,my inside was shouting.i did the Nigeria shouting dance.Let Healing Flow to all my family.Glory To God.When you see the answer by faith, the battle has been fought and won.

  2. Linda says:

    AWESOME word as always…………….! Teach me what you learn both as a photographer and spiritually Sensei ! 🙂

  3. Wonderful blog, David! You so enrich our lives!

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