David and Ellen’s Itinerary

Thank you for praying for our upcoming trip to South Korea.

We will be in Cheju Island from January 1st to 4th, ministering to the 300 staff and students at YWAM’s University of the Nations there.

January 6th through 10th, we will be in Seoul at the annual Unification Vision Conference, a week long conference sponsored by the major mission organizations working for the unification of North and South Korea. I will be speaking several times throughout the week.

We wil be ministering in churches on January 5th and 12th, and returning to Seattle on January 13th.

Thank you for your prayers. Perhaps we may be able to see some of you if you happen to be in Cheju or Seoul. God bless you. Please continue to pray for a peaceful unification of North and South Korea, under the One Shepherd, Jesus Christ, to the glory of God. Do not be afraid of Satan’s plans for the Korean Peninsula. God is almighty and His will shall prevail. 


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1 Response to David and Ellen’s Itinerary

  1. YoonHo Park says:

    It was a great joy to see you & Ellen on the 23rd of this month at your place. You are a great man of God. JungHee & I love and honor you and your wife so much!!! God will be with you wherever you go.

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