This was such a beautiful scene last evening in Kona. Perhaps some of you could give some pointers on how to improve the contrasts, or modify the colors, or other things.
God’s beauty surrounds us everywhere. Perhaps we should pray for eyes to see what He sees and desires to show to us. I think we would find a lot of masterpieces.

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  1. Beautiful! Think I want to paint this.

    • Hi Sarah, if you want to paint it, I will try to send you a better copy. On the bottom right hand corner, on the horizon, is a cruise ship way out, just leaving Kona. You might include that.

  2. Sarah Jane MacKenzie says:

    I usually just tinker with the options in the photo program on my computer until I get it the way I want it. However, I don’t see anything wrong with what you have. That is a beautiful photo and it looks really peaceful and serene. Michelle took one similar to that at Sunset Beach (aptly named!) and made an enlargement and framed it for Mom’s Christmas present this year. Then she had it made into a set of note cards for me. With digital cameras you start taking thousands of photos and the biggest problem is organizing them. Be careful of that!
    Sarah Jane

  3. Sarah Jane MacKenzie says:

    And another thing… It has been my experience that when you start taking photos, you begin to really notice the beauty around you, not just in nature, but the people, too. At that point, you become an artist, a gift from The Artist!

  4. Lily Park says:


  5. mwhuntley says:

    Beautiful! Your photography looks mighty good to me, David!

  6. says:

    Nice! Must have been a Wednesday evening since we have the cruise ship departing =) I’m so glad you are soaking up the Kona beauty. Love, Julianne

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