Growing through the Church Year

All of us want to grow during this new year. Children want to grow older physically; the elderly want to grow younger in spirit. But all of us want to grow spiritually, with increasing joy in the Lord and commitment to doing His will.

I am enclosing a file on The Church Year. Most Protestants have no idea what this is, but the Church Year, often spoken of as the “Church Calendar,” describes the pattern of growth into Christian maturity. Beginning with Advent, it leads us to expect the Lord of all nations to come to earth as the baby in Bethlehem. Each event leads us in our growth.

The file is in both English and Korean, and I hope it doesn’t confuse some of you. But if you will follow it during this year, you will see that now we are in the time of Epiphany, or the manifestation of Jesus to the world by the Wise Men. Please feel free to contact me if you have questions, or to share your own ideas and understanding that will help us all to grow more. Also, if you cannot open the file, please let me know and I will send it to you in another form.

May God bless you during this New Year, and keep you safe in His everlasting Arms, and cause His face to shine upon you, that you may walk in His grace and in His peace.

Church Year

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