The Vineyard of the Lord

While praying for the Church of North Korea, I remembered this poem which I wrote 4 years ago. It helps me see again that God uses even the attacks of the devil to work out His good plan. Brokenness is not hopelessness. It may result from outer attacks or inner failures; yet God is the one who heals the brokenhearted. Church edifices may come and go, as do institutions. But the Church of Jesus Christ will never die. Jesus is not going to return for a broken body; He will return for His bride, made pure and holy. Thomas Merton told us what is happening to the Suffering Church. It has come out of Egypt (sin and evil), headed towards the New Jerusalem, but is now walking through the wilderness. God is walking with His people.

This is a poem about God’s Church. But if you are going through a time of brokenness, know that He is healing you and restoring you to more perfectly reflect His image.


The Vineyard of the Lord


A vineyard of light is My people

Planted with great care, with infinite love.

The enemy came in to destroy

By sowing seeds of darkness.

But darkness cannot overcome light

For I am the Light of My people.


My vessel was crushed but not destroyed.

I am the Potter who makes all things new.

I have seen the brokenness of My people

And remolded them, more beautifully,

Into My image.


Cut down! My precious vineyard!

But I laid My plans over those of the Enemy.

That which the Enemy cut to destroy

Became My pruning,

That they may bear more fruit.

Fruit that will abide,

Fruit that will bring light to the world,

Healing those who cannot overcome darkness,

Redemption to wounded souls.


My vineyard

My vineyard of light

Is strong.

My people, My beloved, have now entered

Into the fellowship of My suffering.

They will sow My seeds of light

And bring joy to a broken land.


David E. Ross

June 2016

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1 Response to The Vineyard of the Lord

  1. mwhuntley says:

    Very good, David – thank you for the blessing!  Love and blessings to you and Ellen and yours,  Martha

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