Memories of Francis MacNutt’s Healing Seminars in Korea — 1970’s

Korea in the 1970’s was a tumultuous time politically and socially; but it was also a unique time spiritually. It was as if the Lord “caused a pause” in the animosity between Protestant and Catholic Christians. (The “pause”  lasted about 10 years; then the prejudice and hatred surfaced again.)

It was during that time that Father Francis MacNutt (at that time, a Dominican order priest; later he married and developed a powerful inter-denominational healing ministry in Florida) brought teams to Korea to help both Protestants and Catholics recover the ministry of healing inside local churches. Protestant pastors and Catholic priests met together daily to learn from these teams.

I accompanied his teams throughout Korea, serving as his translator. Here are some of the valuable memories I have of that time.

# God’s interesting Mosaic — 3 men were riding in the front seat of a car in Pusan, heading towards a healing seminar – the Catholic bishop of Masan, an elderly Catholic priest from Brooklyn (Fr. John Healy), and a Presbyterian pastor (myself) – singing “Jesus is Lord” in Latin!

# Father Healy’s massaging my feet and legs in the Pusan priest’s study, when I was tired

# Time of rest at the Benedictine Abbey in Taegu– the Mother Superior told me she had 99 born-again, Spirit-filled sisters + one stubborn sister in the abbey, and asked me to pray for this “stubborn sister” to be saved and filled with the Spirit.

Later, all the 99 sisters laid hands on me and prayed for me. Their main prayer was that God would heal the Church, and that God would bless the Presbyterians more than the Catholics!

# Sister Jeanne Simmons (from New Mexico, a co-worker with Francis MacNutt) – teaching on Bible meditation — Here is a summary of her teaching, which is one of the best teachings on meditation I have heard.

“Take one verse from the Bible” – for example Acts 2:25 I saw the Lord always before me, for He is at my right hand that I may not be shaken.

‘I constantly see the Lord before my face.”

Meditate on this one verse for 5 minutes.

Keep saying it to your spirit.

Feed your spirit with this, until your whole body believes it.

The wife goes into the kitchen . . . I see the Lord always before me . . . she fixes breakfast.

Her husband comes in . . . I see the Lord always before me.

Her children come in . . . I see the Lord always before me.

In her children, she sees the Lord always before her.

The husband goes to the office . . . I see the Lord always before me.

Wherever I go, I see the Lord always before me . . . in the classroom, in times of temptation, as I teach or learn, or work, I constantly see the Lord before my face.

What is the result? HEALING!

She then referred to the Old Testament passage that Peter quoted in Acts 2:25 (Psalm 16:8-11).

Psalm 16:9 – see the results:

  1. My heart is glad.
  2. My whole being, my spirit, rejoices.
  3. My whole body is secure.

I shall not be shaken!

Pray for the healing and restoration of the Church of Jesus Christ worldwide, and for a renewed anointing of the Holy Spirit.

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