Correction to Lesson 10

Correction to an omission in lesson 10:

Under the heading “sacrifice of our lives,” one sentence was incomplete.

It should read as follows:

The Lord provided a lamb as a substitute for Isaac. But He did not provide a lamb as a substitute for His Son to die on the cross, for Jesus Himself was the sacrificial Lamb. The apostle Paul tells us that, as followers of Christ, the sacrifice of our lives, in unreserved commitment to God, is the “climax of our worship.”

For those of you who are studying, please make this important correction. Thank you.

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1 Response to Correction to Lesson 10

  1. Clara Kong says:

    Yes, it is done, so now we have:

    Sacrifice of the blood of Jesus Sacrifice of thanksgiving Manna Aaron’s staff that budded Tablets of the covenant The Mercy Seat Sacrifice of praise Sacrifice of our lives

    Thank you David, is helping me a lot to do the study during this unsettling times.




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