Flowers of Tomorrow in Seeds Planted Today

FullSizeRender-4.jpgA miracle is contained in every seed. When we plant them they produce life, resulting in food for the hungry and beauty in place of ashes. A Christian organization sent tens of thousands of packets of seeds to an African nation that did not welcome a Christian presence. They were wonderful, high quality seeds that would grow well in African soil and feed many people, but the government of that nation refused the seeds because they bore a Christian mark. The officials removed all the Christian markings from the packages and only then accepted the seeds. The result? Life entered that nation! The form, or expression of faith, could not enter the country, but the essence entered. Life entered that nation in the form of seeds. Nothing but a tiny seed without a label, but life for hungry people! Flowers, food, sustenance of tomorrow are in seeds planted today.

Recently I read story that a famous university in New England is trying to remove the seeds of Christianity that were sown as the university was founded. I suspect that this news is not entirely accurate, because many Christians are there at this present time, both students and faculty. The story contains some truth, because most of our famous American universities that were established originally on strong Christian principles have become totally secularized, and many of them even oppose any form of Christian influence on campus.

But that is to be expected in the world. What is not expected and is often overlooked is the more important fact that the seeds that were sown so many years ago have germinated and born great fruit. The seeds gave rise to the Student Volunteer Movement that began in 1886 and blossomed into the flowering of 100,000 young people committing their entire lives to spread the Gospel of the Kingdom of God in nations throughout the world. Multitudes have been blessed because of the seeds sown by our predecessors. And new seeds are being planted in those universities today.

God has planted the seeds of life in those who welcome and receive Him. You yourself are a bearer of life. We have neglected the silent witness of the Gospel. In times of increasing anti-Christian sentiment, we must continue to plant seeds, seeds that will feed hungry bodies and nourish hungry souls.

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1 Response to Flowers of Tomorrow in Seeds Planted Today

  1. Dave Z says:

    Planting seeds… such an important and timely word. Thank you David and Ellen for keeping the holy fire burning!

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