The Chosun Church is the Vineyard of the Lord

My people are a vineyard of light,
Planted with great care and with infinite love.
The Enemy came in to crush and destroy by sowing seeds of darkness.
But the darkness cannot overcome light,
for I am the Light of My people.

My vessel was crushed but not destroyed,
for I am the Potter who makes all thing new.
In the brokenness of My people I have remolded them,
more beautifully, into My image.

My vineyard was cut down;
but I laid My own plans over those of the Enemy.
What the Enemy cut and attempted to destroy
became My pruning,
that they may bear more fruit.
Fruit that will abide.
Fruit that will bring light to darkened areas of the world,
to people who are unable to overcome darkness on their own,
redemption to the wounded souls of the world.

My vineyard – the Church of Chosun, My vineyard of light,
is strong.
My people of Chosun, My beloved, have entered into the
Fellowship of My Suffering.
They will sow My seeds of light
and bring joy to a broken land.

David E. Ross, June 2016

[Chosun is the name North Koreans prefer to use for their nation. The Chosun Church is the Church of North Korea. This poem speaks for all persecuted churches – the Suffering Church – in the world.]

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