Prayer Requests

Ronald Yukio Konda has asked to be included in our Community of the Holy Fire prayers. His mother died last year, and this has been a very difficult time for him.

Mary Park Christie is undergoing treatment for a recurrence of cancer. Please remember her in your prayers.

Jinsuk Grossi needs prayer for strength to be able to continue her chemotherapy.

Let’s remember that we have certainty and boldness to be able to enter the throne room of God (1 John 5:13-15). God hears our prayers, and yes, He does answer them. All praise be to Him.

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1 Response to Prayer Requests

  1. says:

    Please pray for My father who is paralysis since last one and half year.He is on bed only.also pray for my family and for my children s exam.i am also praying for all prayer points from the community of the Holy fire.

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