We would like to hear from you concerning those who are going through fiery trials, whether it be because of sickness, loss of some kind, oppression, suffering because of their faith, or any other reason.

There is no hopelessness in God. Jesus Christ is the Risen Lord, and He gives life to all who believe in Him and follow Him. He transforms death into life, despair into hope, and sadness into joy. By bringing the names of those who are suffering before the throne of God, together in harmony, we know that He will hear and answer our prayers. 

Please feel free to let us know of those you know personally, and we will pray for them together, confident that the Lord will meet them in their fiery furnace, just as He met Daniel’s three friends. Our confidence is that of Martha, who confessed to Jesus at the time of her brother Lazarus’ death, “But even now I know that whatever you ask from God, God will give you.” (John 11:22)

Some names:

Mary Park Christie

Randy Junkman

Myong Kari Yim

Jinsook Grossi

Anna Lim

Father Vince Aherne


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4 Responses to ‘THERE IS NO HOPELESSNESS IN GOD’ Prayer Page

  1. mwhuntley says:

    Martha’s confession of faith — “Even now” — says so much!

  2. yukio says:

    Please add my name to your pray list – Ronald Yukio Konda
    mom died last year.

  3. Randy says:

    I am humbled to see this in your blog and know I am in your prayers. As of today, I got the notice for my upcoming liver transplant. I believe your prayers are being answered. Please pray for a relatively painless recovery, my wife’s health as she is my angel caregiver, and for the family of the donor who will give me life.

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